Dark Moon Tarot

Dark Moon Daily Outlook

22 July - Intuition will be off da hook! When getting an impulsive urge today, trust your gut feelings and “don’t let your aim ever stray”. Minds will be sharp, thoughts clear, and judgment crisp. Epiphanies will light up like fireflies on a cool summer night, collect them in your mental thought jar for future use. As the sun enters Leo this afternoon, hearts will open and you’ll feel an urge to plan something fun before the summer ends. Those awaiting medical results will get positive news, it’s important to draw the positive energy in and not acknowledge the negative. Let’s face it, it’s time try something new and exciting. A rolling rock, gathers no moss and an apple eaten draws no fruit flies! ~Kris
Moon in Gemini, Mercury opposite Pluto, Sun enters Leo

Can you give me any strong Beauty spell to look beautiful and attractive ? Please nothing too complicated or expensive. Thank u!

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Though I’m sure you are referencing glamour, what you probably need to work on is self-love and self-acceptance. You ARE beautiful. As is. Fuck anyone who says anything different. Learning to love and accept yourself as you are can be difficult sometimes but it’s more mundane and not magickal. Start with daily affirmations. Say them while you look at yourself in front of a mirror completely naked.

"I am a Goddess/God/Otherworldy Being of Power." "I am powerful." "I am strong." "I am beautiful." "I love myself and find myself worthy of self-love." And so on…

Work on self-love, self-acceptance, and building your confidence. Magick won’t change your appearance but you can totally change how you see yourself. -Kelly